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finding our first grey pubic hairs

diary of an elder millennial


The bush is back, baby!

Not for me though :(

Can we just say Groupon Laser Packages circa 2010? 🦅 🦅 🦅

My desperate landing strip is tryna make it in the 2021 bush game and has been unapologetically roaming free, curling up and hanging out as she sees fit 🤩

I’ve had this lover lately who’s into my au naturale values surrounding pubes and I’m into iiitttt. Having a lover has had me checking out the scene more often 🔎 and I recently randomly noticed a patch of white hairs amongst my wannabe 70’s bush.


I had only seen grey pubes on past lovers. As I approach the big 4-0 I’m humbled that my body is indeed following the invitation to age and is further confirmation that I am indeed an increasingly elding, elder millennial. 

I used to scoff at Time, laughing in its face. 

At 21, 22, 25, 28, and even 30, I would kind of be in awe at how much ‘time I had left’. 

Though, as many women warned me, you blink and you’re 50. Here I am, (a kid), approaching 40 in a few months. Whoa. Is it weird to say I’m looking forward to death? 

I remember the first time I slept with someone with grey pubes. It was so hot. I loved everything about it, the realness of it, the apologeticness of his hot, manly, belly hovering his manly member drenched in a silver fox inspired bush to marvel at. 

I was hooked. 

Maturity in the bedroom caught me by surprise at 33 with that lover. It felt primitive, animalistic, spiritual and oh so right. 

So, I ask myself, is it any less hot now that it’s ME with the grey pubic hair? 

Fuck no. 

As a conscious choice, fuck no! 

I won’t be colouring my pubes to ‘match the drapes’.

I won’t be hiding behind the sheets, the light or anything else in hopes to hide my early stages of being a silver fox. 

I won’t be pulled from the hot, steamy, moment by intrusive thoughts around my elder millennialism. 

I will be screening lovers who may not share my love of the silver haired Chinese Crested.

I will be celebrating my womanhood in all its stages and evolutions. 

I will be marvelling at the beauty that is my labia, the hair that protects and adorns Her, and that pleasure that She is capable of experiencing. 

Finding our first grey pubes can be shocking, no doubt. It’s kind of cute, the whole process.

Should we choose to see it that way. 

How ‘bout you, beauty? Have you found your first grey pubes yet? If so, how’s your mindset around it? 

I’m hoping to create a super safe space here for our loving community to drop the veil, have some soul-quenching real-talk around taboo topics that matter. 

Hate speech, negativity and shaming will not be tolerated here. While vulnerability, relatability, and fierceness will be celebrated. 

With so much love,

Cassandra Hope 

Cassandra Hope, all is well wellness editor
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