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Move beyond your usual cup of tea

The Tulsi Tea Collection from all is well offers a unique blend of delicious tulsi teas. Each tea is mindfully and nutritionally hand-crafted to soothe the nervous system and reduce feelings of general stress, while encouraging a deeper ritualistic daily practice to actively restore a feeling of calm.

Embracing the adaptogen qualities of its main herbal ingredient, tulsi, The Tulsi Tea Collection from all is well offers a convenient year round remedial option for calming the nervous system and embracing elevated self care that is luxurious and lasting.



An all is well and meditation pusher collaboration. Quiet is special blend of organic tulsi, paired with heart soothing lemon balm and deeply calming lavender. Created to help you pause, take a few deep breaths and rest in the power of stillness.



Clear is an upligting blend with all the calming and stress relieving benefits of organic tulsi, perfectly balanced with bright lemongrass and finished with the subtle warmth of ginger.

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All the calming benefits of organic tulsi, finely balanced with the fragrant essence of rose petals and the soothing warmth of cardamom. ​This gorgeously balanced tea brings sweet dreams.



With all calming and stress relieving benefits of organic tulsi, perfectly balanced with the chocolatey and natural sweetness of cacao nibs, and the comfort and warmth of cinnamon.

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All the calming and stress relieving benefits of organic tulsi, perfectly balanced with the natural sweetness and tartness of hibiscus, finishing with the refreshing and invigorating flavor of peppermint.


G + dream tea cocktail recipe

Each signature blend – light, dream, cacoa and clear – offers gorgeous hot and cold enjoyment options making The Tulsi Tea Collection from all is well a popular addition to warm beverage menus, cocktail lists and kid-friendly drinks alike.

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"The dream tea is a staple in my pantry! I love drinking it before getting into bed to soothe my stomach and help me relax after a long day."

"As each new tea has been available, I have loved every one! Each so unique, each satisfying different times or moods. They’ve all found a place in my daily or weekly routines."

“I didn’t really know how stressed I was until I started drinking light tea. After my first cup I felt the anxious pressure in my chest disappear and I felt truly calm. It’s now a must in my daily routine.”

"You can get many teas that advertise calmness and sleep. But I've never had a tea that aids my deep and uninterrupted sleep like dream. It's delicious, the tulsi is delicious and the mix of the teas are heavenly."


Sabrina Virdee

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with over a decade of experience, one of the most common things I see in my practice is people suffering from chronic stress. It impacts their mental, emotional and even their physical health.

Tulsi tea has been a staple in my personal pantry for years and quickly became my most recommended lifestyle addition to help my patients (and myself) naturally slip into a calmer state. The ritual of tea is something that everyone, no matter their age or lifestyle practices, can enjoy and the health benefits are incredible.

Tulsi specifically is a natural ingredient that helps to soothe our often super stressed out nervous systems; and I realized that the versatility of tulsi in particular was something that needed to be made more available in the wellness world. So, I created my own handcrafted blends to deliver a delicious remedy for stress that can be enjoyed hot or cold, and is great for kids too. It's an honour to fill your cup.

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