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30 min Holiday Body Blast

Looking for a quick workout to burn off those extra holiday calories? We have you covered. 

6 exercises, 10-20 reps every minute on the minute. 

Depending on your level of fitness you may want to select 10 reps of each exercise or 15 for a moderate challenge. If you want to feel the burn and really challenge yourself, increase your reps to 20. 

Here are the exercises 

  1. Push ups 

  2. Squat to squat jump (as a resistance band to increase the burn)

  3. Side to side plank 

  4. Hamstring gliders (use socks or face towels if you don't own gliders) 

  5. Burpees 

  6. Step ups (use a chair, a bench, or your stairs) 

Now set your timer to go off every min for 30 mins. Or download this. Every minute you start a new exercise. You have the full minute to complete each exercise. The faster you complete the exercise, the more rest you have. Repeat this sequence of exercises for 5 rounds to give you a total of 30 mins of work. 

Get it in. - “I regret that workout” said no one ever! 

Sabrina Virdee CPT, RHN