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the perfect workout formula

I’m all about simplicity these days. Staying true to my thoughts that fitness doesn't need to be hard, complicated or time consuming - Nor do you always need equipment, or to kill yourself to get a tight session in the books.

Enter the perfect workout formula. 

40 seconds work,  20 seconds rest x 5 exercises = 5 mins (1 round) 

Any 5 exercises, all upper body, all lower body, perhaps even a mix of both. The best part is dependant on how much time you have to allocate to your fitness goals on any given day, you can decide how many rounds to complete. Add in 1-2 min rest between rounds and repeat. This is an easy formula to challenge yourself; adding weight or resistance is always a great option as well. 

Here is a 15 min full body session putting the formula to work to get your fitness flowing. 

  • 40 secs Jump Squats 

  • 20 secs REST

  • 40 secs Push ups

  • 20 secs REST

  • 40 secs Alternating Curtsy Lunge 

  • 20 secs REST

  • 40 secs Plank 

  • 20 secs REST 

  • 40 secs Skater Jumps 

  • 60 secs REST 


Get it baby. 

Be sure to hydrate, replenish with a good quality protein source and enjoy some chocolate.

Ps: if you are looking for a good workout mat we’ve got you covered! This is our fav! 

Sabrina Virdee CPT, RHN