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how to style: bike shorts

If you’ve been out and about this season you have definitely seen several people rocking bike shorts. I myself have been living in them for the past two Summers! If you don’t personally own a pair I can totally understand that they might be slightly intimidating or you may be wondering how to style them and that’s what I’m here for, to help you out!

how to style: bike shorts

You might be wondering where this trend started or why it’s all of a sudden a big thing? Well we all know that styles and trends ALWAYS come back around and this trend started in the 90’s by the lovely late Princess Diana. Since athleisure has been trending for the past few years, bike shorts have been brought back into existence and have been worn by many fashion icons like Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and the list goes on…

So let’s get into styling so we can have you looking fresh this Summer!

First and foremost most bike shorts are made from a sweat wicking material so they are a great option for working out! I love rocking these with a sports bra or a long sleeve top for my workouts. I don’t wear very much colour in my day to day outfits but I find you can really have fun with your workout wardrobe. I love a good pair of neon bike shorts! Trust me, try it out.

Another great way to style bike shorts would be with an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt. Princess Diana did such a great job of styling her shorts this way and I think it’s such a chic “off duty” look. To spruce it up I would add a pair of mini hoops earrings and some layered necklaces.

If you’re into wearing crop tops or mini bralettes these shorts look great with a sweatshirt tied around your chest or with an oversized zip-up hoodie. I styled mine in this picture with a knitted crop top and a sweatshirt.

Lastly for a dressy look I would wear either a bodysuit or bralette and throw on an oversized blazer with a pair heels. Our Summer has definitely been a scorcher so far and this would be the perfect look for an evening out.

I hope this helped you figure out a way to wear these shorts that works best for you. Be sure to tag me in your outfits if you try any of these looks!

Shop some of my favourite bike shorts below. My personal favourite lengths to buy are the 6” or 7” ones.

Workout shorts: Lululemon Align, Lululemon Wunder Train or Aerie OFFLINE
Everyday Comfort: Artizia TnaCHILL
Style w/ crop tops (styled in my picture): Aritzia TnaLIFE
Night out: Artiza TnaBUTTER

Sofi Kassam, Founder, Chief Creative Officer at The Saree Room

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