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cookie cutters make everything better

When I was a kid, (even as a teen), I used to eat with plastic forks, or baby spoons and loved to eat soup out of a mug. Just to mix things up. I get bored easily. I like variety and fun in my life, and I like my food that way too!

Having a kid definitely inspired that side of me again. My daughter is now 11, and I still try to make her lunches fun without embarrassing her TOO much... enter cookie cutters.

I have cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes. I use them for cute cheese boards, cute sandwiches, cute cookies of course, and now, cute tortilla chips! I had just made a huge batch of vegetarian chili and was craving tortilla chips to go with it. I only had big flour tortilla wraps, so I decided to make my own chips! Corn tortillas would have been ideal, but we work with what we have am I right? So I found an ice cream cone cutter as well as a heart one and cut out the shapes. Here are the no brainer steps to crispy, salty homemade chips in a pinch!

• Cut out various shapes in your flour or corn tortilla wraps.

• Heat 1/2 inch of grapeseed oil in a pan on medium high.

• When hot, add a few shapes at a time and let sizzle for about a minute per side (check for good colour then flip)

• Let drain on a paper towel, and immediately add flaked sea salt ( I added a lime sea salt to the heart shapes, and plain Maldon sea salt flakes on the cones. You can even sprinkle chili powder on the top of the cones for a red sprinkle effect!

• Transfer the chips to a rack right away to help them stay crispy.

• You can even make dessert style ones with cinnamon sugar or maple flakes sprinkled on top instead of salt!

      With Halloween coming up you can find themed cookie cutters for your party and cut cheese into spooky shapes, tortillas for dips, salsa, etc.

      Karen Cliche

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