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micoblading 101

Not happy with your brows?  Are you looking for someone that can break down Microblading for you and help guide you in the right direction?

I’ve got you covered! :) With so many blogs, and information on the internet, it can definitely “raise the brow” and leave you in confusion and with more questions than you started with. 

I might be able to ”pluck out” some unnecessary inquiries, and narrow down to what I feel you should look out for when looking for an artist.

I have been microblading clients for over 7 years and it has been such a fantastic experience watching how incredibly happy my clients are and how life changing this procedure really is!!

It’s one thing to be a fantastic artist... don't get me wrong, it's actually the MOST important thing… but the real talent lies in UNDERSTANDING each person's beauty standards, face structure, and planes of their face.  

When most people learn how to Microblade, they are often told about the golden ratio, the “ideal face”.   It is often described as perfect, beautiful, or flawless. In my opinion, technicians should never categorize anyones face and compare it to some idealistic ratio.

Every individual has their unique facial structure. And because of that , every brow shape is also unique.  Perfection, or the ideal brow changes with each person.  It’s kinda like a beautiful dance between what I know looks beautiful on them and what they're used to seeing themselves in!  

When it comes to biting the bullet, sometimes the fear of pain could be one of the deterrents.  But don’t fret...This procedure is definitely less invasive than a real tattoo.  When I ask my clients to describe the sensation they feel while being microbladed by me, they often describe it like a rough brush combing over their brows, or a tweezing sensation.

To be honest, my clients and I spend most of the time chatting the hour away rather than focusing on the slight discomfort.

I feel that's what it's all about in the end...Feeling comfortable with your artist!. 

Top things I would look into are trusting your artist completely, knowing that he/she/they will acknowledge your concerns, comprehending what your beauty standard represents, and most importantly, giving you those fluffy natural pretty brows :)

Julia Teotonio

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