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my mid-week reset

As many of us look at ways to add a little bit of luxury and self-love into our lives during this ongoing pandemic, Self-Care Sundays have become the go to thing to do – at least according to my Instagram feed. For me I do a little reset in the week whenever I feel a bit bla, rundown, or am just in need of something fun. I don’t generally wait for Sundays to be honest; I do a little midweek reset! This breaks up my week, lets me add in some extra skin and hair love into my week, which in my opinion is always a good thing. So, if you are having one of those days or just have a little extra time to yourself try my little go-to’s and see yourself glow!

step one

I like to start any at home skin care session by first removing any makeup

    step two

    Then I clean my skin using my daily cleanser but will also use my exfoliating mitt to add in a bit of exfoliating, I like to do this in the shower so I can also work on my hair. In the shower I will wash my hair and use a hair mask to add in some extra hydration for my hair.

    step three

    Next, I like to use something to exfoliate and detoxify my skin! Jump out of the shower, dry off and apply your mask, then don’t forget to moisturize your skin! I like to sit back and let it work, maybe read a book – you have about 15-20 mins ☺ Some of my favourites are:

    step four

    Wash off the mask using a towel and some warm water. Now to add back some moisture and have a little Zen moment, apply a hydrating mask, lay back, close your eyes and just let it do your thing!

    step five

    Remove your mask, and apply your favourite face serum, and lip treatment. DONE!! 

    Try doing this little mini at home spa session once a week or when you need a little pick-me-up.

    Karima Sumar, makeup artist

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