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bodyweight moves for sexy strong legs

Looking for some bodyweight moves to tone + build up strength or crank out in your living room or balcony (hello summer) I've got you covered. Check out 13 great bodyweight leg exercises below, plus how to turn these moves into a full bodyweight leg workout.

Keep in mind, as you become more experienced with bodyweight exercises, you can make them more challenging by adding explosiveness and power—such as adding jumps into exercises or changing the stability by going for single leg movements. 


15-30 minutes



Good for

Legs and bum


Choose six moves below. Complete 8-10 reps for beginners (2-3 rounds), 10-12 for intermediate (3-4 rounds), and 15-30 reps for advanced (3-5 rounds). Continue from one exercise to the next without pausing. Incorporate a short (30-90sec) rest between rounds. 

  1. Bulgarian Split Squat 

  2. Jump Sqaut 

  3. Glute Bridge 

  4. Lateral Lunge 

  5. Reverse Lunge 

  6. Quadruped Hip Extension 

  7. Single Leg Glute Bridge 

  8. Single Leg Deadlift 

  9. Squat 

  10. Skater Jump 

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