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Healthy Aging 101

From IPLs to microdermabrasion to botox, it seems my besties and I have now become obsessed with one thing and one thing alone - ANTI-AGING - and specifically, the newest strategies to reverse age and take years off of our faces and bodies. 

Expensive creams and fancy treatments (um, did I hear vampire facials?!), women my age (40-somethings) are exploring a whole world of magic lotions and potions (and needles and fillers, oh my!).

But before you fork out a small fortune for that tiny jar of amniotic placental serum - you should know that there are a whole host of natural ways and lifestyle factors that you can do on a daily basis that can help you unlock a more vibrant, healthier, luminous glow. 

A quick note on some science of aging

Ever heard of telomeres?  Telomeres are the caps at the end of chromosomes that protect our DNA (think of the protective plastic caps on shoelaces).  As we age, these “caps” get shorter and shorter.  Stress from life will shorten those caps faster and they will eventually die. Shorter telomeres means things like aging, dementia, heart disease, cancer sometimes. Telomere health can be affected by many things including stress, the levels of chemical exposure to toxins (aka smoking), insulin sensitivity.

Alright so now that we have understood the science behind aging - let’s discuss some ways we can create a few lifestyle changes to help fill up our fountain of youth!

1. More Movement in More Ways

Your 10,000 steps is a good start.  Aim for a balance of high intensity exercise with yoga or pilates and some biking or walking.  Movement increases blood flow which brings oxygen and nutrients to tissues - keeping them vital and healthy.

PS move your face too!  Facial yoga is a definite thing and studies show facial yoga can rejuvenate your skin and improve the appearance of your face by working the muscles underneath. 

2. Rest Up

Lack of sleep can take a toll on your body and mind, not to mention those under eye circles are so 2000s.  Sleep helps our body repair tissues and regenerate cells.  It is recommended to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Try these magical little seeds for a little extra help.

3. Wear Sunscreen, both inside and outside

I really didnt believe this was a thing until I hit my 36th year.  Yes, wearing sunscreen when swimming, hiking, outside is a must - but exposure to the sun through a window or even when running an errand can make a difference!

4. Obviously, consume wisely.

Your mom was right.  Eating enough fruits and veg is essential for glowy skin - but also avoiding drinking alcohol or caffeine (I know, I know, Im sorry).  Over consuming alcohol decreases the brightness of skin and can result in dull overtones.  PS sugar is also no-bueno - refined carbohydrates when broken down lead to destruction of certain proteins such as collagen and elastin (the main characters in your skins elasticity and firmness). 

5. Manage Stress

    This is pretty basic - but yet still so flaky. What does it mean to manage stress?  (ps yes I know were stil. In a pandemic). Heres the thing though: increased stress increases cortisol (the stress hormone).  Cortisol makes skin conditions like acne worse ;( Plus it accelerates the breakdown of proteins (collage and elastin) in skin.  Try to manage stress in the areas where you do have a little control - things like: taking a warm bath, getting a walk in, being creative, spending time in nature or treating yourself to some acupuncture or massage (Ive got a great place for that ...wink, wink). Come visit me at @hellowellbe, and I promise to take great care of you.

    So there’s no magic formula for reverse aging - but the above lifestyle factors is definitely a good place to start!

    Dr. Aliya Visram

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