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killer full body workout

Short on time? Don’t have equipment? Limited space? 

This full body workout has just the right amount of fire to get your metabolism burning. No equipment necessary and you can do it anywhere.  

Complete each exercise for as many reps as possible for 30 secs back to back with a 90 sec rest at the end. And the repeat. 

  • 30 secs - Alternating lunge jump 
  • 30 secs - Burpees
  • 30 secs-  Squat to knee dive 
  • 30 secs - Pushups 
  • 30 secs - Plack 
  • 90 sec rest Repeat 3- 4 rounds 

Andddddd go. 

Be sure to hydrate, drink your greens, and enjoy some chocolate.

Ps: if you are looking for a good workout yoga mat we’ve got you covered! This is our fav! 

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