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wellness goals + sleep

Sleep.  We all do it, we just don’t always do it well. A good night’s sleep is just as important as a kick ass training schedule and healthy diet. Focusing...

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micoblading 101

Not happy with your brows?  Are you looking for someone that can break down Microblading for you and help guide you in the right direction? I’ve got you covered! :)...

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It's all in the EYES

With all the focus on our eyes for the last year – thank you masks! It’s really been the only part of our faces that everyone has been seeing. So,...

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Can I Date With Herpes?

Umm, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Despite some antagonistic fuckery as of late, we’ve been of the age of rapidly (but not rapidly enough) evolving human / sexual rights...

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my mid-week reset

As many of us look at ways to add a little bit of luxury and self-love into our lives during this ongoing pandemic, Self-Care Sundays have become the go to...

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Sleep = underrated. We have so many responsibilities these days - job(s), family, friends, errands, self-care, etc. Life is busy and we do the best we can to make the...

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good sleep: the basics

We all do it, just not always well. A good night’s sleep is just as important as a kick ass training schedule and a healthy diet.   When it comes to...

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when all wasn’t well

My name is Cassandra Hope, and I come from a long line of traumatized women. As I share my stories of struggle, learning and rehabilitation, you’ll learn of the gritty...

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you are well on your way.